Frida with the Ice Cream Cone
Jones Beach, NY 1933

$ 2400

“We wanted to do something on Sunday, so we asked around to find out what would be the best. We were told that Jones Beach was a great place to go. So we picked up Diego at 3 PM but he hadn’t eaten and was cross. Frida had red eyes too, so that promised some adventure! The trip was so long and hot. It took us 4 hours to get there! I thought it was an awful place - No character at all. We drove back at sunset but the whole road was blocked with autos and we could only drag at 2 miles an hour. Diego sat in the rumble seat and fumed the whole way. It was horrible. We got lost in the dark of Brooklyn trying for a short cut and had Diego scolding us for it. It was the worst joy ride I ever had.”